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Our portable Heat Capsule is used regularly to treat items on site.  It suits domestic situations and situation sensitive projects.

The ServiceCare Portable Heat Capsule (Diathermic Treatment Capsule) is used to carry out heat treatment on site. The Capsule itself is roughly the size of a Queen size bed but folds into easily transportable cases to allow it to be used in the home.

The Heat Capsule acts like a giant convector oven, allowing rug
s, curtains, clothing rails, soft furnishings etc to be placed inside for treatment. The precise amount of heat required is automatically supplied and regulated throughout the process by monitoring equipment.

This method offers chemical-free treatment for your textiles, however we are also able to offer residual insecticidal treatment, where required, as well as pheromone trapping programmes to provide reassurance that your moth problem has been fully managed.

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